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F.C. Westcott has a passion for music and writes from his heart. He creates songs that people will love & remember because they connect with the lyrics on a personal level. Rock Cesario of the Daily Sentinel calls F.C.’s music “Colorado Country Rock at it’s finest” and producer Ken Davis describes his music as “bold” and “powerful”. We here at #MusicMafiaRadio love F.C. because his lyrics are heartfelt and his talent & love for music is genuine.

The story of how this Colorado native came to be a Featured Artist here on Music Mafia Radio is an interesting one. I (Kim Carney, General Manager at #MusicMafiaRadio) am currently living in Grand Junction and thought it would be fun to have a Featured Artist rep the Grand Valley on the station, so I went to Reverbnation to look for possible recruits. There were many to choose from, so I just started looking through song titles to see if anything caught my eye. When I saw “I’ll Never Come Back”, I knew I had to listen because those four words perfectly described where I was at in that moment of my life. As an artist recruiter for the station, I’ve listened to thousands of songs and many have touched me in some way, but never have I had such a visceral reaction to a song. After the first couple lines, I was in tears and by the end, I had collapsed to the ground overcome with emotion. When I reached out to F.C. about submitting music, he gladly agreed and I shared my story of what that song means to me. And he, in turn, shared his story of how he came to write the song. (I will be publishing F.C.’s and my #StoryBehindTheSong in an upcoming article on our Mafia News page). This is what good music is all about and this is the magic of #MusicMafiaRadio – bringing artists, listeners and fans together – loving, listening & sharing stories. We all love fun lyrics and a catchy tune, but it’s those songs that reach out through the chords to grab our heart, that captivate us and make us life-long fans.

Since being debuted here this past July, F.C. has made a name for himself at Music Mafia Radio. He has appeared in every Top 30 since his debut, with three different songs. Since September 25th, he has remained steadfast in the Top 5, hitting number one two weeks in a row with the fun and danceable “More Than Money”. In the few months since he joined our #OneFamilia, F.C. has become a listener & fan favorite. On the last Top 30 Countdown of this year, he came in at #5 with his new single “Someone Else’s Arms” – just one more beautifully written and performed song by this extraordinary artist. The video, released in August, features his son and was filmed in their hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Unfeigned, F.C.’s debut album was only just released a little over a year ago and already it has taken the world by storm. In addition to his Colorado fans, he also has a large and loyal fan base in Austin, TX where he lives part time, as well as fans all over the world. The 11-track debut album is full of honest stories and memories. If you really want to get to know F.C. – buy the record,  put on your headphones and listen.


To purchase Unfeigned, the debut album by F.C. Westcott, click the image below: