Hey Mafiosos  – Thanks so much for your patience & so sorry for any inconvenience caused by tonight’s technical difficulties. As we all know, shit happens & we just have to figure out how to roll through it!  Rick’s computer did a major update over the weekend & he ended up having to reconfigure everything. By the time he got his equipment up & running, it was too late to start the live show, so we’ve done some rescheduling for the week.

The NEW Top 30 poll will be posted immediately after the live countdown Tuesday night. You can find it on our Twitter & FB pages, as well as here on our website: http://musicmafiaradio.net/index.php/top-30-countdown.

See you all in the Mafioso chat room Tuesday night with Rick and Wednesday night with Coz. Until then, enjoy amazing music from the best artists on the planet on our 24/7 stream!