On Wednesday, December 6th, Rick & Coz hosted an incredibly entertaining live show to announce the 2017 #MusicMafiaRadio Artist Of The Year. Here’s the recap ~

There are currently more than 300 Featured Artists here at #MusicMafiaRadio, but only 28 were nominated for 2017 Music Mafia Radio Artist Of The Year. These 28 nominees are the cream of the crop – the best of the best – and we are proud to call them all familia.

This year’s winner is Colorado-native, F.C. Westcott. Charting in every single Top 30 since his debut this past July, F.C. has reached #1 two weeks in a row with his words-of-wisdom tune “More Than Money” and his new single “Someone Else’s Arms” came in at #5 on the last countdown of the year. Rumor has it he’s been in the studio working on some new tunes. Stay tuned to #MusicMafiaRadio for updates and read more about the talented F.C. Westcott here: http://musicmafiaradio.net/index.php/2017-artist-of-the-year/


First runner-up goes to the Cliff Wheeler Band from Lemon Springs, NC. Since their debut this past June, the Cliff Wheeler Band has taken the Top 30 by storm. They reached #1 four times with three different songs – once with “The Creeper” and “Vicious Cycle” and twice with “Find My Way”. BIG NEWS was announced on our live Artist Of The Year show!! The Cliff Wheeler Band AND the Nashville Non Prophets will be performing together in Nashville on January 27, 2018 at The Country! For more info, click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/496096390771953/


Everyone’s feathered friend Ducky Medlock, from Bethpage, TN may have placed third for Artist Of The year, but he is clearly #1 in the eyes of his Ducklings. This amazing artist joined our #OneFamilia last February and since then has appeared in every single Top 30. Ducky has hit #1 eleven times with five different songs – “Too Late”, “Someone’s Heart Is Breaking”, “Lampost”, “Drinking Side Of Country” and “Tennessee Mud”. In April, Ducky spent four weeks in a row at the number one spot. Never have we seen such enthusiastic and supportive fans. We can’t wait to see what 2018 holds in store for Ducky and his Ducklings.


Is there a doctor in the house? There is at #4 – Doctor Paul Constantine from Hayesville, NC. Doctor Paul hasn’t been in the familia long, but he was an immediate favorite. Many listeners remember Doctor Paul from Season 9 of The Voice. He makes an appearance every week on the Top 30 and has made it all the way to #2 with “Lonesome”. Tune in to the Live Top 30 Countdown with Rick beginning in January to see if Doctor Paul can make it to #1.


Rounding out the Top 5 nominees is the 2016 Music Mafia Radio Artist Of The Year winner and veteran here at MMR, Nashville-based Saint Luke’s Drifters. A confirmed Mafioso favorite, Saint Luke’s Difters have been in every single Top 30 but one, since the station began in July 2016. They’ve hit #1 three times with three different songs – “Eyes Of A Fool”, “Heart Of Stone” and “Battle At Wounded Knee”. NEWS FLASH – three members of Saint Luke’s Drifters have branched off to form a southern rock  band called the Nashville Non Prophets and they are currently working on their debut album to be released in 2018. Stay tuned to #MusicMafiaRadio for all the updates.


CONGRATULATIONS to all the rest of our nominees – Tamanie Dove, Black Cadillac Kings, Swampbox, The Puss Puss Band, Jefferson Coker Band, Kylie Nicole, Starch Monkey, Jess Weimer, Zack Walther Band, Ships Have Sailed, J.T. Hayden, Cat Beach, Kickstand Jenny, The Lately, Near Deaf Experience, Adam Strelow, Blue Helix, Charlie Millikin, Chris Weaver Band, Matt Maloof, Chase Walker Band, Matt Mercer & Morgan’s Road.

THANK YOU to all of our Featured Artists for allowing us to feature your extraordinary talent on our station. We have made great strides in 2017, but wait until you see what we have planned for next year!!! Stay tuned #OneFamila!