We sat down with the Godfather of Music Mafia Radio, Rick Landstrom to ask the burning questions every Mafioso wants to know:

First off, thanks for agreeing to answer our questions with video clips. We’ve listened to your broadcasts for years, but never knew what you looked like. Now we get to see for ourselves – sort of. One of the most burning questions we get from our listeners is – Do you have any body hair?

Nipple lashes, huh? Will you show us?

Is it true you have a split personality?

Our sources tell us you used to moonlight as a midget stripper. Do you confirm or deny?

We also heard you used to be a preacher at a funny farm, is that true?

There have been many shows you’ve talked about your cat. We’d all like to know more about Bibbs. What can you tell us about him?

Will you bring Bibbs into the studio so we can meet him?

So Bibbs roars like a tiger huh? Since Bibbs is camera shy, can you show us how he meows?

Seems like Bibbs is getting used to the studio, any chance of you doing a show together?

Speaking of doing shows together, when will we meet Jose?

Where is Jose right now?

Since Jose is being camera shy, will you describe what he looks like?

You talk to Jose on your show all of the time, why doesn’t Jose ever talk?

We know you love to do Facebook Live every now & again, why do you love it so much?

We’re all anxious to know – when will you do another Facebook Live?

When you’re hosting a live show and you spin a tune, what are you doing while the song is playing?

Any last words of wisdom for our listeners?


You can catch the crazy-ass Godfather of #MusicMafiaRadio LIVE on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 8pm EST right here at www.MusicMafiaRadio.net.



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