With over 400 incredible independent artists in rotation worldwide, what are the top five cities with the most MMR fans & listeners?


Home to such artists as Matt Maloof, Sycamore Bones & Jackson Rohm, it’s clear that peeps in Jamestown & the Chautauqua Lake area are supporting the amazing local artists in their area.



What an amazing and loyal fan base the Black Cadillac Kings from Klamath Falls has! Not only do they support the #BlackCaddyKings, but they support & share #MusicMafiaRadio and the other incredible artists we feature.



We have many featured artists that make sunny CA their home, including Jess Weimer, Ships Have Sailed, Mike Bauer, Adam Stern & Elektrik People. Thanks to the devoted fans of these artists, we are building a large listenership in L.A. & surrounding areas.



It’s no surprise that the home of our 2017 Artist Of The Year, F.C. Westcott, comes in at the #2 spot. F.C. took home that title after garnering more than twice the votes of anyone else on the poll. With a large and loyal fan base, not only in Grand Junction, but in Texas, Europe, Australia and Singapore, we expect many more Mafiosos from around the world to join us in this indie music revolution.



Of course, Music City is #1 in this countdown. It’s where many of our Featured Artists call home, including the Chris Weaver Band, Cat Beach, Kylie Nicole, Saint Luke’s Drifters, Nashville Non Prophets, Celeste Buckingham and Chief Greenbud, to name just a few. Special thanks to all of the Nashville independent artists, fans and listeners for tuning in and helping us spread the word about #MusicMafiaRadio. We couldn’t do what we do without you!


If you’re a member of our #OneFamilia and would like to see your hometown make the next city countdown, all you have to do is share www.MusicMafiaRadio.net with your friends and ask them to do the same. To get the amazing local artists in your home town heard and followed, it’s going to take all of us. #OneFamilia

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